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Watkin Jones sets itself apart from other house builders with Wondrwall

Watkin Jones sets itself apart from other house builders with Wondrwall

Watkin Jones Homes are part of one of the UK’s leading construction and development companies, building homes which are acclaimed for quality, style and innovation.

Looking for new ways to innovate and deliver value to their customers, Watkin Jones got in contact with Wondrwall. After seeing Wondrwall in action at the Wondrwall show home, Watkin Jones decided to install the Wondrwall full home automation system in all their homes at the prestigious Bollin Meadow development in Macclesfield.

Wondrwall is a fully integrated full home automation system that controls heating, lighting, security, safety, music and delivers Amazon Alexa voice control throughout the homes and delivers real benefits and value to the home owners.

Bollin Meadow is a fantastic new build housing development, offering a range of 2 bedroom apartments, 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom family homes in a variety of styles and specifications. Located in an extremely popular location, this development is within a short distance of beautiful countryside, yet is still under two miles away from Macclesfield town centre. Macclesfield, situated on the edge of the Peak District is a traditional market town offering a combination of independent boutique shops, beautiful countryside and thriving businesses. The town also benefits from good commuter links to Manchester, ideal for those who work in the city but looking to reside in a more peaceful location.
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Intelligent Living

The Watkin Jones houses at Bollin Meadow feature the pioneering Wondrwall Intelligent Living system that makes your home adapt to your needs and desires – automatically controlling heating, lighting security, safety and music, with voice control technology to change any of the settings at any time.
With the Wondrwall technology, the home learns and works around you, observing how you actually live, which rooms you spend the most times in and how you use heating and lighting. In doing so, your new home seamlessly and intelligently supports and enhances your living environment without your input.
The most obvious feature of Wondrwall is its advanced touch sensitive light switch. Replacing standard light switches through-out the home, they house 13 different sensors covering temperature, humidity, power, motion, luminosity and sound creating a sensory network throughout the home that monitors your habitational patterns, as well as your home’s overall efficiency and performance.
Once you move in, the Wondrwall system begins to build a detailed picture of exactly how you use your home. With a complex understanding of your habitation patterns, Wondrwall plots the optimal running of your home while making continual improvements. Using machine learning and predictive modelling to make intelligent decisions to control your home efficiently, save you money and to make your home more comfortable and safer.

Reducing your energy bills

Wondrwall has been designed to reduce energy consumption and costs. With Wondrwall installed, we estimate to reduce energy bills by 30% compared to standard homes. Wondrwall does this by intelligently controlling heating and lighting.
Say you go to work at 8am the Wondrwall system will turn the heating off at 7.30am because it knows that it will stay at your ideal temperature before you leave, proactively saving energy. When you leave the house, Wondrwall will also make sure that all the lights are turned off. If you don't come home and go for dinner the home understands you're not in and doesn’t turn on your heating until you are actually heading back saving you energy.
If you’re delayed on your route home from work or going out for dinner, the home will pick up on this and pause the heating until you are back on track, saving you the costs associated with heating an empty home.
Wondrwall is also clever about how it controls heating in your home. Wondrwall learns where you spend your time and uses this as your ideal temperature. If you are in your front room with he door shut and nice and warm at 25degrees, Wondrwall will turn off the heating even if hallway is still at 19degrees. Wondrwall saves you energy by controlling the homes temperature for where you actually spend your time.

Protecting you from intruders 

Your house includes an advanced intelligent security system. with motion sensors in every light switch which can catch a burglar no matter where they are or how they got it.  However your new home also deters burglars on the outside of the house before they break-in in.
If you can understand how a standard alarm system works, a burglar would smash a window enter the home and only trigger a sensor after they’re in the home. With voice technology built into every light switch, if a window is smashed, the home reacts straight away by sounding the burglar alarm and flashing the internal and external lights in the home while sending a notification to your phone . When you are away, the home will also turn lights on at random to simulate occupancy.

Keeping you and your loved ones safe

The home includes some enhanced intelligent safety features. It also listens for the sound of a smoke alarm and if this alarm goes off while you’re in bed, the lights in the home will start flashing to wake everyone up and an alert will be sent through through every light switch
Besides providing proximity-based arming and disarming of security features, the key fob also acts as a panic button so if a loved one is at home and something happens you can press the button and it will alert everybody on your address book like your neighbours or parents. It also includes a useful ID feature, letting you know who has arrived home.

Talk to your home

Alexa voice technology is built into the Wondrwall light switches meaning you can talk to any light switch in the home and control all aspects like the heating and lighting. Say for instance you go to bed in the evening, you can ask your bedroom light switch to arm the downstairs alarm.
You can ask your home what's your schedule today and it will respond. You can also ask your home to order you an Uber which it will do for you and notify you on time of arrival. If you are late home from work, you can ask the device to order your favourite Dominos pizza and the home will do this and have it delivered. The voice technology is advanced and can answer questions, even helping the kids with their homework.

Keeping you entertained

Wondrwall can connect to your media too, playing music through speakers built in to each light switch. For the ultimate in sound quality, Wondrwall can play music through Sonos speakers in the home. These can be controlled via Wondrwall by voice or through the Wondrwall app from anywhere in the home.

Appeals to first time buyers and families

The 2 & 3 bedroom homes are perfect for first time buyers and the short drive to Macclesfield train station makes them an ideal base for young professionals looking to commute into Manchester and surrounding towns. For those looking for a helping hand to step onto the property ladder you can benefit from the Help to Buy scheme which is available on all plots. Without compromising on space, the stunning yet practical 4 bedroom homes in Macclesfield offer luxury, stylish and spacious living for all the family. Each property has been designed with the busy family lifestyle in mind. All home buyers will appreciate the convenience, security  and cost saving features added to these homes by the Wondrwall intelligent living system.

Come and take a look

To visit these stunning properties and see Wondrwall in action, come and see the show home at Bollin Meadow, Chester Road, Macclesfield SK11 8PT. Open Thursday to Monday from 11am to 5pm.

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